In order to help facilitate your business in a safe way, Hourigans is offering our “Showroom on the Go” sample delivery and pickup service. Details of this service as follows:
  • Fill out the Sample Request Form below
  • Include the delivery address (within a 30km radius of Hourigan’s showroom).
  • Provide contact information of the person who will be receiving the delivery. Spencer will make contact in advance to arrange a time and place to drop off the samples. It will be important to maintain the required 6’ of social distancing during the drop off and pick up. Typically, samples will be left at the front door of your business or residence.
  • All samples will be fully disinfected by Hourigans staff before leaving showroom and following the return of those same samples.
  • Delivery staff will be provided gloves which will be changed and disposed of between deliveries.
  • Sample requests will be processed in 72 hours or less. Sample pickup will also be arranged in a similar time period once we have been notified that you are done using them.
  • If we do not have the samples you’ve requested in stock, you will be notified, and we will order a sample for you, and will arrange delivery upon arrival.
  • This service is complimentary. It is requested that projects that we provide samples for will be sent to Hourigans to estimate once material selections are finalized.
  • Contacts for estimating include: Joel Roper and/or Martin Kalsbeek
Hourigan’s aim is to provide a safe sample delivery and pickup service that allows our customers to limit their contact with others while moving business forward in the material selection stage of construction.

Sample Request Form